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What Is Hijama Therapy?

December 21, 2017

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Have you heard of the Hijama? You might have overheard the word from somewhere but did not pay a lot of attention to it. Hijma is an ancient technique used to treat the body pain and other muscular diseases.   

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Most of the people are not familiar with the Hijama. It is an ancient treatment that originated from the Arabic land. It is also famous in Europe by the name of the cupping therapy. This Islamic cupping therapy follows a drug-free approach to treat the pain and blood flow problems.

It is a drug-free treatment used to treat a lot of diseases: blood disorders, anxiety, depression, anemia, skin problems, muscle pain, migraine, high blood pressure, and fertility disorders.

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How This Therapy Works?

During the therapy cups are placed on the skin of the patient and vacuum is created using the cups. Hijama theory is not attractive at all. Because cup creates the vacuum on the skin to expand the blood vessels.

During the procedure, a flammable material is put up in the cup and set on the fire. Once the fire is out, the therapist put the cup upside down on your skin. Once the hot air inside the cups cools it creates a vacuum and raise the skin. This raised and red skin expands the blood vessels.

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Cup is placed for the 3 minutes on one place and then removed. A similar procedure is followed for the whole affected area in Sheffield massage centre. There are two methods of the cupping therapy: Dry and Wet.

However basic principle for both of the methods is the same. Hijama is not a new technique. It is a century old technique. However, in Europe and the United Kingdom, it gained popularity in last few years. You can also navigate to this website to get more information on the Hijama therapy.