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What Is The Science Behind The Stem Cell Therapy?

September 28, 2017

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In every second 10 million cells in your body die. It’s a natural process, the same number of healthy cells are also generated in the body in a second. Our body is made up of trillions of cells.

Stem cells are the cells of the body which has the capability to both self-renew and differentiate into other types of specialized cells. Due to the aging ability of stem cells to regenerate and rejuvenate declines.

Hormones play important role in health of stem cells. Hormones work as a chemical messenger to these cells and give signals to perform well. Hormone treatment is required for the patient having the inadequate number of hormones.

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Stem cell rejuvenation therapy is the process of injecting stem cells into the patient body to repair damaged tissue. Most of the stem cell therapy is autologous. Autologous means stem cell are collected from the same individual who will receive the graft of the extracted stem cells.

Science behind stem cell therapy   

In stem cell rejuvenation therapy donor and recipient of the stem cells is the same individual. A stem cell can be collected from the three sources- peripheral blood, adipose tissue and bone marrow.  For stem cell therapy quantity and quality of stem cell collected is more important.

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Cells derived from adipose tissue has less growth factor and stem cells collected from peripheral blood cells have higher growth factor but fewer stem cells. Therefore to ensure both quantity and quality stem cells are collected from the combination of these two sources.

However, collecting stem cells from these two sources is the simplest form as compared to collecting from the bone marrow. For the maximum impact of stem cell therapy professionals first check the donor’s growth factor such as insulin growth factor, human growth factor, testosterone, and estrogen.

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If the sufficient number of the number of the hormone are not presented in donor body, the donor may need the hormone supplements to ensure the quality and quantity of stem cells collected. You can read more here on the stem cells.