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What Is Disruptive Physician Behavior?

August 28, 2018

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Disruptive physician behaviour refers to anything a physician or any health executive does that interferes with the regular health care of hospital business, from patient care to committee work can be considered disruptive.

This often includes behaviour that conflicts with the ability of others to effectively carry out their duties and threatens the patient’s confidence in the hospital.

Disruptive behaviour of a physician can mean a huge difference among staff relationships and affect any member of the healthcare team. Some specific examples of disruptive physician behaviour may include:

  • Disrespectful language
  • Demeaning behaviour
  • Sexual comments
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Racial or ethnic jokes
  • Raising voice
  • Throwing instruments
  • Criticizing other staff members in front of patients or other staff

All these activities done by a physician can be considered disruptive and affect the quality of healthcare. Therefore it is important to note disruptive behaviours and determine how to report unsafe working conditions which are not limited to physicians, although a plenty of literature documents abusive physician behaviour.

Just because physicians are in the positions of relative power in healthcare, this inappropriate behaviour of the physician often has a much greater impact on other health executives and the whole system.

Due to this severe problem, much attention has been directed at physician disruptive behaviour. It should be noted, however, that disruptive behaviour has also been documented to occur with regularity among nurses and pharmacists as well as those staff members working in the laboratory.

In fact, some recent studies have claimed that many of nurse executives have left their jobs due to the improper behaviour of the physicians. Disruptive behaviours are not associated with drug or alcohol impairment.

It is somewhat difficult to determine that what triggers these behaviours, but it is likely that the stress of clinical environments is a contributing factor.  Today healthcare is much more complex and requires the interactions of a larger number of healthcare executives and support personnel than in the past.

It is better for all the staff and medical organizations to address this problem earlier so that it wouldn’t affect the quality of the healthcare. For more convenience, click this link here and learn how to deal with the disruptive behaviour of the physicians.